• 01 – Wanted Dredd or Alive (0)

    As Dredd puts rookie Steel through her paces for her Judge’s badge, he faces a threat on his life from the local Mafia. On top of this, Mega City One has been hit by a deadly new plague – Mad Judges Disease.

  • 02 – Death Trap (0)

    Judge Death has been imprisoned for years, but now an insane cult want to release him.

  • 03 – Down to Earth (0)

    When Johnny Alpha’s friend Wulf is set up and kidnapped, Alpha and McNulty follow the trail to deepest, darkest Essex.

  • 04 – The Killing Zone (0)

    Dredd works with an undercover agent to expose and arrest whoever is behind an illegal gameshow where the contestants are literally eliminated.

  • 05 – The Big Shot! (0)

    As Dredd is assigned, under protest, to protect a visiting VIP from assassination, he learns that the world’s top killer is in town – the deadly Eribus.

  • 06 – Trapped on Titan (0)

    Judge Dredd goes undercover on the Titan penal colony. There he must uncover a long kept secret that someone is willing to kill for.

  • 07 – Get Karter! (0)

    Judges Dredd and Steel both have a score to settle with a Brit-Cit crime boss.

  • 08 – I Love Judge Dredd (0)

    Join TV host Tark Pastry as he spends a day in the life of Judge Dredd – to Dredd’s dismay.

  • 09 – Dreddline (0)

    Judge Dredd is taking a prisoner back to Mega City One by train, but someone on board has other plans for his destination.

  • 10 – Fire From Heaven (0)

    Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer and Middenface McNulty are on the trail of their latest bounty. Problem is, he’s got time travel.

  • 11 – 99 Code Red (0)

    Dredd’s in a race against time to stop a new virus infecting everyone in Mega City One.

  • 12 – War Planet (0)

    Dredd goes offworld to bring back the mass murderer Drago-San, and gets embroiled in interplanetary politics.

  • 13 – Jihad (0)

    As Mega-City One plays host to a gathering of Chief Judges, an enemy from the city’s past returns to settle an old score with Dredd.

  • 14 – War Crimes (0)

    The events of The Apocalypse War, 22 years previously, come back to haunt Judge Dredd in a brutal interrogation!

  • 15 – For King and Country (0)

    Judge Dredd is assigned as escort to the new King of England. The King is dead, how long will the new King survive?

  • 16 – Pre-Emptive Revenge (0)

    2114. Judgement Day Plus One. Judge Dredd and Johnny Alpha reluctantly combine forces to survive in the Radlands of Ji.

  • 17 – Grud is Dead (0)

    Dredd finds himself helping a convicted felon as a group of religious fanatics threaten both their lives.

  • 18 – Solo (0)

    A shape-shifting killer is on the loose in Alientown and Judge Dredd is on his own.

  • Crime Chronicles – 1.1 – Stranger Than Truth (0)

    Is a serial killer using chapters of a book as templates for their crime? Where does fiction end and the truth start? Can Dredd stop the plot before his nemesis fulfils the finale of Slick Dickens: I Killed Judge Dredd?

  • Crime Chronicles – 1.2 – Blood Will Tell (0)

    When a frenzied mutant attack on Mega-City One’s shield wall is revealed to be the cover for a group of infiltrators, Judge Dredd must face a deadly opponent from his past.

  • Crime Chronicles – 1.3 – The Devil’s Playground (0)

    Hunting a killer on the loose, Judge Dredd’s only lead is a girl who’s never seen the sky or the streets.

  • Crime Chronicles – 1.4 – Double Zero (0)

    When a strange premonition draws Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson to her fellow law officer Joe Dredd, what begins as an inkling of something sinister soon becomes a matter of life and death.