8th Doctor New Adventures

  • 1.1 – Blood of the Daleks Part 1 (1)

    The Doctor has a new companion forced upon him and together they face the Daleks on Red Rocket Rising.

  • 1.2 – Blood of the Daleks Part 2 (2)

    As the Daleks invade, the Doctor and Lucie investigate the mysterious origins of the ‘new’ Daleks.

  • 1.3 – Horror of Glam Rock (1)

    The Doctor and Lucie go glam when the TARDIS makes an unexpected landing at a motorway service station in 1974.

  • 1.4 – Immortal Beloved (1)

    The Doctor and Lucie encounter the gods of ancient Greece – or so it seems.

  • 1.5 – Phobos (1)

    The TARDIS lands on Phobos where there’s there’s something lurking in the shadows, something infinitely old and infinitely dangerous.

  • 1.6 – No More Lies (1)

    What links a disintegrating spaceship to a posh garden party, where a wealthy couple are celebrating their love for each other in style?

  • 1.7 – Human Resources Part 1 (1)

    Lucie Miller’s been headhunted to join the staff of Hulbert Logistics, a respectable blue-chip firm in Telford. The Doctor is also hired, as a consultant, and discovers it is no ordinary office.

  • 1.8 – Human Resources Part 2 (2)

    Having discovered the truth behind the office, The Doctor and Lucie face an old enemy.

  • 2.1 – Dead London (1)

    The Doctor and Lucie find themselves trapped in London’s past with a killer on their trail.

  • 2.2 – Max Warp (1)

    High octane excitement as the Doctor and Lucie join the greatest spaceship show in the galaxy – Max Warp!

  • 2.3 – Brave New Town (1)

    Why has a quiet English seaside town been living the same day in 1991 over and over again?

  • 2.4 – The Skull of Sobek (1)

    Mysterious mirages and murdered monks disturb the contemplative devotions at the Sanctuary of Imperfect Symmetry.

  • 2.5 – Grand Theft Cosmos (1)

    The Doctor and Lucie visit 19th-century Sweden and become embroiled in an attempt to steal the infamous Black Diamond.

  • 2.6 – The Zygon Who Fell to Earth (1)

    Lucie’s Aunty Pat now runs a hotel in the Lake District. All is tranquil until some unexpected guests turn up.

  • 2.7 – Sisters of the Flame (1)

    Someone is attempting to resurrect the past – and they need a Time Lord to help them achieve it.

  • 2.8 – Vengeance of Morbius (1)

    The universe is in grave danger. The Doctor and Lucie may have to sacrifice everything to save it.

  • 3.1 – Orbis (1)

    Lucie has returned to her life on Earth, grief-stricken at the death of the doctor. Then, one night, an alien visitor arrives at her front door and shoots her. Could it be that Lucie’s days with the Doctor are not over?

  • 3.2 – Hothouse (2)

    There’s something growing inside the Hothouse. Something that could turn back humanity’s tide. A voracious alien vegetable called the Krynoid.

  • 3.3 – The Beast of Orlok (1)

    In nineteenth-century Germany, the Doctor and Lucie come face to face with the legendary Beast of Orlok.

  • 3.4 – Wirrn Dawn (1)

    The Doctor and Lucie are then thrown into a war in deep space in Wirrn Dawn, which sees the return of the parasitic insect monsters from The Ark in Space.

  • 3.5 – The Scapegoat (1)

    Set in Nazi occupied France during WWII – Ah, la belle Lucie. She’s got no idea what she’s let herself in for. Heh. Should you feel faint, or nauseous – never fear. Tonight, we have a Doctor in the house.

  • 3.6 – The Cannibalists (1)

    When the TARDIS brings the Doctor and Lucie to the Haven, it seems like the Assemblers’ long wait might be over. Living beings! Except – they’re headed for the lower levels and that is where the Cannibalists live.

  • 3.7 – The Eight Truths (1)

    London, 2015. The Doctor’s looking for a lost space probe. Lucie Miller’s feeling just plain lost, on a world she no longer quite belongs to.

  • 3.8 – The Worldwide Web (1)

    The sinister organisation that wants to control everyone on earth has even more sinister masters.

  • 4.01 – Death in Blackpool (1)

    Lucie Miller always loved Christmas back home in Blackpool. Her Mam running a still-frozen turkey under the hot tap at ten. Great-Grandma Miller half-cut on cooking sherry by eleven. Her Dad and her uncle arguing hammer and tongs about who was the best James Bond all through dinner. And in the afternoon, Aunty Pat, haring up to the house on the back of a moped weighed down with ridiculous presents.

    Christmas 2009 didn’t turn out like that.

    Christmas 2009, the Doctor turned up.

  • 4.02 – Situation Vacant (1)

    TRAVELLER IN TIME AND SPACE seeks male or female companion with good sense of humour for adventures in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.

    No experience necessary.

    No time wasters, no space wasters please.

  • 4.03 – Nevermore (1)

    A bizarre manifestation in the Control Room forces the TARDIS onto the Plutonian shores of the irradiated world Nevermore, whose sole inhabitant is the war criminal Morella Wendigo – a prisoner of this devastated planet. But the Doctor and his new companion aren’t Morella’s only visitors. Senior Prosecutor Uglosi fears the arrival of an assassin, after the blood of his prize prisoner. An assassin with claws.

  • 4.04 – The Book of Kells (1)

    ‘Anyone who’s prepared to kill for a book interests me.’ Ireland, 1006. Strange things have been happening at the isolated Abbey of Kells: disembodied voices, unexplained disappearances, sudden death. The monks whisper of imps and demons. Could the Lord of the Dead himself be stalking these hallowed cloisters? The Doctor and his companion find themselves in the midst of a medieval mystery.

  • 4.05 – Deimos (1)

    Millions of years ago, the noble Ice Warriors fled to Deimos, moon of Mars, hoping to sit out the radioactive death throes of their home planet. When the TARDIS lands on Deimos, the Doctor discovers that the Warriors’ ancient catacombs are now a popular stop for space tourists.

    But the Martian dynasties are more than history, and the Warriors are far from extinct. It’s not for nothing that ‘Deimos’ is the ancient word for ‘dread’…

  • 4.06 – The Resurrection of Mars (1)

    Deimos, moon of Mars – where Lord Slaadek’s plans to revive the ancient Ice Warrior civilisation hang by a thread. Only the Doctor can stop him… but an old enemy, hiding in the catacombs, has an alternative plan. A plan that will test the Doctor’s heroism to its limits. Just how far will the Doctor go to prevent the destruction and resurrection of Mars – on a day when his friends become enemies, and his enemies have right on their side?

  • 4.07 – Relative Dimensions (1)

    Christmas is a time for family, they say – which is why the Doctor has invited his granddaughter Susan, and great grandson Alex for Christmas dinner in his time and space machine. But who, or what, is the spectre at their yuletide feast?

    Venturing deep into the dark heart of the TARDIS, Susan uncovers her past, Alex is told his future – and the Doctor finds himself caught in a deadly, dangerous present!

  • 4.08 – Prisoner of the Sun (1)

    Six years after being captured by the galaxy-spanning organisation known only as The Consensus, the Doctor lives inside a hi-tech complex at the heart of an unstable sun, condemned to an eternity maintaining its systems. A moment’s carelessness could cause the star to collapse – and the deaths of billions.

    Watched over by liquid guards, the Mercurials, the Doctor’s only company at the heart of the sun is his assistant ‘Daphne’ – the latest in a line of android helpers. But rebels have their eyes on the sun, and its lonely controller – and are prepared to risk even a galactic cataclysm to secure the Doctor’s release…

  • 4.09 – Lucie Miller (1)

    ‘Hello! Doctor, it’s me. Lucie. Lucie Miller…’

    Lucie Miller needs the Doctor’s help. The whole planet Earth needs his help. But he is nowhere to be seen.

    While Lucie struggles to survive a terrible sickness, an even greater threat to the human race is about to be unleashed.

    And this will be the second Dalek invasion of Earth the Doctor’s granddaughter has had to endure.

    ‘You must accept the reality of your situation. You have been defeated.’

  • 4.10 – To the Death (1)

    ‘He can’t be alive…’

    After a last, futile fight-back against the Daleks, Lucie, Susan and Alex are heading home to England in the desperate hope of saving the Doctor’s life. But the true, terrible nature of the Daleks’ plan is beginning to emerge and the Monk has blood on his hands.

    To defeat the Daleks, it can only be a struggle… to the death.

  • Dark Eyes (1)

    A 4 CD Boxset that follows on from To The Death.

    ‘I really hoped it would be a wonderful view… to look back from the end of everything… to see how things finally turned out.’

    The Doctor is looking for hope. But instead, he finds himself on a mission. The Time Lords have uncovered terrifying fragments of an insane plot to destroy the universe. And somehow, at the centre of that plot is one, random female in Earth’s history, Molly O’Sullivan.

    Soon, the Doctor and Molly find themselves thrown headlong into a series of dangerous and terrifying adventures, with the dreaded Daleks never far behind them.

    01 – The Great War
    02 – Fugitives
    03 – Tangled Web
    04 – ‘X’ and the Daleks

  • Dark Eyes 2 (1)

    When the Doctor defeated the Dalek Time Controller and its Time Lord ally, the timelines shifted and events changed… but the danger is far from over. And new threats to the continued safety of the universe are emerging.

    Molly O’Sullivan carried on with her life as a nursing assistant in World War One. She probably thought she would never see the Doctor in his ‘Tardy-box’ again…

    From the Dalek occupied planet Nixyce VII through Earth’s history and to the very edge of the universe, the Doctor’s footprints across eternity are being tracked by foes old and new. But when did it all begin and when will it end? Living his life through the complexities of time travel, the Doctor can never be quite sure if he’s experiencing his life in the most helpful order. The only certainty appears to be the advance of the powers of evil and the oncoming threat of a fight to the death against forces that would destroy everything the Doctor holds dear.

    01 – The Traitor
    02 – The White Room
    03 – Time’s Horizon
    04 – Eyes of the Master

  • Dark Eyes 3 (1)

    “Molly O’Sullivan? Hello you.”

    In his quest for universal domination, the Master plans to exploit the terrifying Infinite Warriors of the mysterious Eminence. The Doctor’s friend, Molly, is key to that plan’s execution, and now, aided by corrupted genius Sally Armstrong, the Master is close to success.

    Paranoid and perplexed after his recent experience, the Doctor skirts the fringes of the fifty-year conflict between humanity and the Infinite Armies. Wary of changing the course of history, he fears that to fight the Eminence would be to do the Daleks’ bidding. But when Time Lord CIA agent Narvin provides the impetus for the Doctor to act, Liv Chenka joins him in a desperate race to save their friend and stop the Master.

    As the Doctor goes head to head with his oldest and deadliest rival, this war is about to get very personal indeed…

    01 – The Death of Hope
    02 – The Reviled
    03 – Masterplan
    04 – Rule of the Eminence

  • Dark Eyes 4 (1)

    4.1 A Life in the Day

    The Doctor and Liv return to post-World War One London, where the Doctor meets Kitty Donaldson (Beth Chalmers), and Liv strikes a friendship with her brother Martin (Barnaby Kay). But what mysterious force is hunting them?

    4.2 The Monster of Montmartre

    The Doctor and Liv’s investigations bring them to Paris, where a monster stalks the streets.

    4.3 Master of the Daleks

    The Master and the Dalek Time Controller have forged an alliance. History hangs in the balance, and this time the Doctor can’t help…

    4.4 Eye of Darkness

    It’s the endgame. Truths will be revealed, and a hero will make the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Doom Coalition 1 (1)

    The 8th Doctor and Liv Chenka continue to travel together after the events of Dark Eyes 4.

    EPISODE 1: THE ELEVEN written by Matt Fitton

    When one of Gallifrey’s most notorious criminals attempts to escape from prison, Cardinal Padrac turns for help to the Time Lord who put him there in the first place.

    EPISODE 2: THE RED LADY written by John Dorney

    A London Museum holds the key to many secrets from the past. But some secrets are so deadly they should remain locked away. Forever.

    EPISODE 3: THE GALILEO TRAP written by Marc Platt

    With a mysterious plague sweeping through Florence, a rampaging alien behemoth comes between the Doctor and the answers he seeks.

    EPISODE 4: THE SATANIC MILL written by Edward Collier

    Long buried animosities come boiling to the surface on an ancient and powerful satellite, in a final confrontation that could have unimaginable consequences.

  • Doom Coalition 2 (4)

    2.1 Beachhead by Nicholas Briggs

    In an attempt to recharge his batteries after his confrontation with the Eleven, the Doctor takes Liv and Helen to the sleepy English seaside village of Stegmoor. But they find the village in turmoil and, to make matters worse, their arrival uncovers a mystery from the Doctor’s past which threatens the future safety of the planet. Can the Doctor prevent the Voord from invading Earth? And more importantly why have they come in the first place?

    2.2 Scenes from Her Life by John Dorney

    Investigating the appearance of the Voord on Earth, the Doctor, Liv and Helen follow a trail which takes them to the other side of the universe. There they discover a mysterious and almost deserted gothic city lost in space and time, in which the grotesque inhabitants are conducting a vile and inhumane experiment. The Doctor and his companions must hurry to save the lives of those in danger before the experiment is a success and the unimaginable consequences become all too real.

    2.3 The Gift by Marc Platt

    The TARDIS deposits its crew on Earth in San Francisco, 1906. There they find an actor-manager desperate to stage his definitive production of King Lear. But a real storm is headed their way when he becomes the possessor of a mysterious psychic ‘Gift’ which is hungry for power and intent on wreaking havoc and destruction. But exposure to so much psychic activity has the Doctor becoming increasingly erratic. Can he battle his demons and save the world?

    2.4 The Sonomancer by Matt Fitton

    On the other side of the galaxy a mining company is exploiting the already unstable planet of Syra for every precious mineral it contains. River Song is attempting to save the native people. She needs the Doctor’s help, but she also knows he mustn’t yet discover her true identity. The final confrontation sees the Doctor once again face his enemy the Eleven in an attempt to prevent the destruction of Syra and the genocide of its inhabitants.

  • Doom Coalition 3 (3)

    3.1 Absent Friends by John Dorney

    Earth. The late 20th century. Across the world, the mobile phone is gaining popularity as more and more people decide to join the digital age. But for the residents of a sleepy English town sitting in the shade of a new transmission mast, that ubiquity has a troubling cost.

    When the TARDIS veers off-course, the Doctor and his companions find themselves in the middle of a mystery. Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. And sometimes the future does as well.

    3.2 The Eighth Piece by Matt Fitton

    15th Century Prague: in the castle dungeons, a prisoner raves about the end of the world. Outside, Liv Chenka seeks out the workshop of a strange Clockmaker to see what he is creating.

    England, 1538: Lord Thomas Cromwell finds his duties interrupted by otherworldly forces – clockwork soldiers, an unusual nun, and a mysterious scholar calling himself ‘the Doctor’. Perhaps the truth can be extracted in the torture chamber of London’s Bloody Tower?

    Rome, 2016: Helen Sinclair has an appointment with an enigmatic Professor, whose greatest work is almost complete. Only the Eighth Piece is missing…

    3.3 The Doomsday Chronometer by Matt Fitton

    While River Song takes Helen on an archaeological expedition like no other, the Doctor finds himself enlisted by an alien Queen to save her people.

    Trapped and alone, Liv stares death in the face as she meets the enemy who’s been dogging the TARDIS travellers’ footsteps throughout Earth’s history.

    The Doomsday Chronometer has been protected for five centuries: secret cults and societies jealously guarding its mystery. But what is their real purpose? The Doctor is about to discover the truth…

    3.4. The Crucible of Souls by John Dorney

    The date has been set.

    The trap has been sprung.

    A life has been taken and a maniac is on the loose.

    With the TARDIS crew separated and in terrible trouble, will today be the day the bad guys win?


  • Doom Coalition 4 (4)

    The Doctor has been disposed of, and the end of the universe is nigh. There will only be one winner, but how many will lose?

    4.1 Ship in a Bottle by John Dorney

    The Doctor, Liv and Helen are hurtling into a future that has been utterly destroyed, trapped inside a shuttle with no possible means of escape. But with the lives of everyone in the universe in the balance, they’ve got to find one. And soon. When the stakes are this high, you can’t just give up. Or can you?

    4.2 Songs of Love by Matt Fitton

    Left to fend for herself against a bunch of power-hungry plotters hell-bent on destroying the universe, what choice does a girl have but to throw in her lot with the winning side? Using her past to her advantage, River Song returns to the ancestral seat of the Time Lords to make her last stand.

    4.3 The Side of the Angels by Matt Fitton

    Cardinal Ollistra has plans for New York, plans which involve the Deputy Mayor and her sponsor, one ‘Reverend Mortimer’ – better known to the Doctor as the Meddling Monk. The Eleven arrives to stamp out the resistance, but that isn’t the only danger the Doctor finds lurking in the shadows – for New York is a city of Weeping Angels.

    4.4 Stop the Clock by John Dorney

    The time has arrived. Events are in motion. The end of the universe is at hand and the Doctor and his friends have one hour to save eternity. Starting now.

  • The 8th Doctor: Time War (1)

    1. The Starship of Theseus by John Dorney
    The Doctor and his companion, Sheena, land the TARDIS on the glamorous luxury space-liner Theseus just as it’s about to leave the Jupiter space-port. But when a disturbance catches their attention, they realise sinister events are taking place on board. Can the Doctor and Emma solve the mystery? Or is there something else they should be worrying about?

    2. Echoes of War by Matt Fitton
    Colliding with the full force of the Time War, the Doctor crash-lands on a jungle world with a ragtag band of refugees.

    Luckily, the Doctor has friends: not only plucky scientist Bliss, but another, much more unlikely ally. Its name is ‘Dal’…

    3. The Conscript by Matt Fitton
    Cardinal Ollistra has a new tactic to persuade the Doctor to join his people’s fight. With his friends locked away, he has been conscripted alongside fellow Gallifreyans to train for the front lines of battle.

    Can there be any place for dissent when the Time War looms so close?

    4. One Life by John Dorney
    As the full force of the Time War crashes down around the Doctor and his friends, a desperate battle for survival ensues.

    But not everyone is playing the same game. Ollistra is after a weapon that could end the war in a stroke and she’ll sacrifice anyone or anything to take it back to Gallifrey. Even the Doctor.

    Surrounded by Daleks, and on a tortured planet, only one man can save the day. But he doesn’t want to fight.

  • Ravenous 1 (4)

    Following the events of Doom Coalition, continues the adventures of the 8th Doctor, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair.

    1.1 Their Finest Hour by John Dorney
    In the early days of the Second World War a strange and elusive craft attacks British targets. Could it be a German superweapon? Churchill calls for the Doctor’s assistance and with the help of a squadron of Polish fighter pilots the TARDIS crew take to the skies to investigate.

    1.2 How to Make a Killing in Time Travel by John Dorney
    A disturbance in the vortex causes the TARDIS to land on the Scapegrace space station, where Cornelius Morningstar experiments in time-travel for nefarious purposes. But the Doctor’s plan to stop him winds dangerously out of control as the different agendas of criminals, murderers and alien dynasties conspire against him.

    1.3 World of Damnation by Matt Fitton
    Rykerzon is a maximum-security planetoid designed to hold the most dangerous criminals in the star system. The Governor plans to reform its inmates, with the help of the Kandyman. But two prisoners prove particularly troublesome: the alien fugitives known as the Eleven, and Miss Helen Sinclair. The Doctor and Liv have finally tracked down their friend – but are they too late?

    1.4 Sweet Salvation by Matt Fitton
    The Eleven has the authorities in the palm of his hand and an entire world held to ransom when the Kandyman cooks up a deadly confection containing a secret ingredient. In a last-ditch attempt to prevent disaster Liv teams up with a desperate criminal, and the Doctor must decide whether Helen is still his friend.

  • The 8th Doctor: Time War Vol. 2 (1)

    2.1 The Lords of Terror by Jonathan Morris

    When the Doctor takes Bliss to her home colony, they discover that the Time War has got there first. Bliss finds her world altered beyond recognition, and the population working to serve new masters.

    No dissent is allowed. The Daleks are coming. The planet must be ready to fight them.

    2.2 Planet of the Ogrons by Guy Adams

    Avoiding the Time War, the Doctor and Bliss are found by an old acquaintance: the latest incarnation of a criminal mastermind the Doctor knows of old. But unlike her predecessors, the Twelve has a handle on her previous selves’ unruly minds.

    There is a mystery to solve involving the Doctor’s TARDIS and its unusual occupant – and answers will be found on the Planet of the Ogrons.

    2.3 In the Garden of Death by Guy Adams

    In a prison camp like no other, the Most Dangerous Man in the Universe is held in isolation. The rest of the inmates have no memory of who they were or what they might have done.

    No memory even of their captors. Until the interrogations begin.

    2.4 Jonah by Timothy X Atack

    In the depths of an ocean world ravaged by the Time War, the weary survivors are pressed into service by Cardinal Ollistra.

    Something is hidden beneath the sea: the Twelve knows the truth, if only she could drag it from her jumbled mind. And when the Doctor becomes the captain of a submarine boat, all omens spell disaster…

  • Ravenous 2 (4)

    2.1 Escape from Kaldor by Matt Fitton

    Returning to a home world she’d rather forget, Liv reluctantly accompanies Helen to the grand opening of a luxury shopping mall. But when a glitch in the system sends the Robots of Death on a rampage, Liv’s past comes crashing down about her.

    2.2 Better Watch Out by John Dorney

    The Doctor hopes to take Liv’s mind off recent events by treating his companions to a traditional European Christmas. But not everybody is full of the spirit of Christmas when a wave of misery follows the Krampus as they run through the streets of Salzburg.

    2.3 Fairytale of Salzburg by John Dorney

    With the Doctor and most of the population condemned to hell, Liv and Helen race against time to discover the source of all this chaos, and to find the one man who can save the people of Salzburg from eternal damnation.

    2.4 Seizure by Guy Adams

    As if it wasn’t enough to be trapped in the labyrinth of a dying TARDIS and pursued by a ghost, the team find themselves face to face once more with the Eleven. But the Doctor has bigger things to worry about when he discovers they’re being hunted by the only creature to strike fear into the hearts of a Time Lord: The Ravenous.

  • Ravenous 3 (4)

    On a distant research station, the Time Lords are playing with fire. But it isn’t only mythological creatures from Time Lord legend that are coming back to life. Fighting for their lives against terrifying creatures from the folklore of many worlds, as well as escaping the clutches of more familiar foes, the Doctor, Liv and Helen find themselves making the most unlikely ally.

    3.1 Deeptime Frontier by Matt Fitton
    Stranded on a desolate world by a dead TARDIS, the Doctor and his friends are trapped, surrounded by creatures from Time Lord nightmares – the Ravenous… Elsewhere, on the edge of the vortex, a Gallifreyan research station takes on board an extremely dangerous artefact. Are the Time Lords sowing the seeds of their own destruction? And if one Ravenous creature rattles the Doctor’s nerves, what will happen when the whole clan is hunting him?

    3.2 Companion Piece by John Dorney
    When the evil Time Lord known as the Nine comes across a rare and valuable item floating in the space-time vortex, his acquisitive nature means he can’t resist the urge to complete the set. Soon a wicked scheme is underway. Only the Doctor’s friends – past, present and future – will be able to stop him. But without the Doctor around will even the combined skills of Liv, Helen, River Song, Bliss and Charley be enough to save the day?

    3.3 L.E.G.E.N.D by Matt Fitton
    Over years of study and research, the Brothers Grimm built a compendium of folklore: stories of witches and wizards, magic and morality, strange creatures and treacherous forests… Professor Marathanga does much the same, on a universal scale. But her methods are rather less rigorous, using technological shortcuts to fill her intelligent database – L.E.G.E.N.D. When worlds collide, the TARDIS crew discover that fairy tales can become real. And the Doctor’s latest companion is put to the test. Will the Eleven be an asset, or one more monster to defeat?

    3.4 The Odds Against by John Dorney
    The Doctor, Liv and Helen have landed near an abbey housing the gateway to the dimension in which the Ravenous were originally imprisoned. But their plans to enlist the inhabitants’ help in defeating their pursuers are disrupted when they stumble over a dead body. Strange creatures roam the corridors and something monstrous may be awakening beneath their feet.