18 – Solo

A shape-shifting killer is on the loose in Alientown and Judge Dredd is on his own.

14 – War Crimes

The events of The Apocalypse War, 22 years previously, come back to haunt Judge Dredd in a brutal interrogation!

13 – Jihad

As Mega-City One plays host to a gathering of Chief Judges, an enemy from the city’s past returns to settle an old score with Dredd.

12 – War Planet

Dredd goes offworld to bring back the mass murderer Drago-San, and gets embroiled in interplanetary politics.

10 – Fire From Heaven

Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer and Middenface McNulty are on the trail of their latest bounty. Problem is, he’s got time travel.

09 – Dreddline

Judge Dredd is taking a prisoner back to Mega City One by train, but someone on board has other plans for his destination.

06 – Trapped on Titan

Judge Dredd goes undercover on the Titan penal colony. There he must uncover a long kept secret that someone is willing to kill for.

05 – The Big Shot!

As Dredd is assigned, under protest, to protect a visiting VIP from assassination, he learns that the world’s top killer is in town – the deadly Eribus.

04 – The Killing Zone

Dredd works with an undercover agent to expose and arrest whoever is behind an illegal gameshow where the contestants are literally eliminated.

03 – Down to Earth

When Johnny Alpha’s friend Wulf is set up and kidnapped, Alpha and McNulty follow the trail to deepest, darkest Essex.

01 – Wanted Dredd or Alive

As Dredd puts rookie Steel through her paces for her Judge’s badge, he faces a threat on his life from the local Mafia. On top of this, Mega City One has been hit by a deadly new plague – Mad Judges Disease.

27 – Justyce

Finally, the Doctor turns to fight the foe who has hounded him throughout Time and Space. He thinks he knows what Justyce is. He thinks he knows how Justyce was created. He dares to think that, now, he can defeat Justyce.

But what if all is not what it seems?

Haunting dreams, Solaadon terrorism and evil human ambition conspire to thwart the Doctor. And time is running out…

26 – Geopath

Justyce infiltrates the all-powerful computer MAGOG, and destroys countless lives on Earth by detonating tiny heart implants in the population. The Doctor traps Justyce in the TARDIS. Fearing for Truman’s safety, the Doctor leaves his companion on Earth. This is the final battle… and the Doctor must fight it alone…

25 – Subterfuge

“Justyce Will Be Served”

Those words – etched into the TARDIS console, daubed on the doors and burnt into the scanner – now have more meaning than ever as the Doctor and Truman seem to lose track of themselves. They feel they have experienced something terrible – but what? As massive and complex galactic events unfold, they begin to realise the diabolical extent of the subterfuge which has ensnared them.

Who is Justyce? Why is Justyce hounding the Doctor throughout Time and Space? Cuthbert, the self-styled President of Conglomerate, may well have the answers… but before the Doctor and Truman can discover the truth, they have to face education by ordeal…

24a – Truman’s Excellent Adventure

An extra short story on the Mythos tape. Truman is left on Earth for a while and gets a job in a cafe while he waits for the Doctor to come back for him. He discovers that even within such an apparently mundane existence, the extraordinary is never far away.

24 – Mythos

The Doctor and Truman find themselves in a fantastical world of elves and goblins. A world where science makes way for spells. A world called Mythos. There they meet a benign wizard who enlists their aid and together with some of the enchanted inhabitants of Mythos, they are pitted against the wicked Necromancer and his evil hordes.

23 – Endurance

History has forgotten the lost Howberry expedition to the Antarctic… It is as if this fine old scientist had never set out to solve the mystery of a lost civilisation. Perhaps he never did. Is it coincidence that the Doctor and Truman appear at this point in time and space? Perhaps we’ll never know…

One thing’s for sure: coincidence plays no part in the schemes of Justyce, a being whose purpose is as unknown as his identity.

22 – Cuddlesome

One of the last of the Time Lords lies dying in a graveyard in the suburbs of London. England is gripped by a bizarre plague, whose victims are mostly children. And within the colourful walls of the Cuddlesome Pleasure Palace, a genetic engineer plans an operation which will bring about a major change in the development of our species and society…

21 – Requiem

A string of planets suffer catastrophe while a famous composer goes on a concert tour of the galaxy. How are these events connected?

20 – Deadfall

A group of convicts, sent to inhospitable planets to scavenge what they can and secure themselves an early release, land on a devastated world only to become victims of an evil experiment.

19 – Planet of Lies

As the effects of Sargol poisoning come back to plague the Doctor he lands on a desert planet hoping to find Ria, who has vanished. Although the planet isn’t one he recognises, it seems strangely familiar.

18 – Carny

A lost time, An abandoned place. Filled with confusion, This is the Carny…. But is it carnival, or……..carnivore?

17 – Sword of Orion


Classification: Security rating red. Unidentified, non-classified space vessel located in Garazone system…….
Salvage option vetoed by military intelligence…….
“…..I’ve hauled guys out of space hulks before, but this was….. what I’m trying to say is….. something got to them before we did….. I…..”

(DUTY OFFICER 750/I4 Transcript extract. Military intelligence holo-vid.)

15 – Enclave Irrelative

A riddle: What would be left if right were wrong, a rectangle broader than it’s long, nine sixes that exceed six nines, the crunch of colliding parallel lines.

A trap: More deadly than any enemy.

A piece of classic advice: This above all; to thine own self be true. The Doctor in catch 22.

Is there a solution? Is there an escape?

14 – The Secret of Nematoda

“Journeying out into space, forging an empire, the pioneering spirit taught the human race to expect the unexpected, as long as the unexpected was that which they had expected.”
Cornelle’s “Study of tellurian Expansion” 5097

“When the job made no sense, some just marked time and some defied defeat. It took the man who delivered the tea to wonder why the job made no sense.”
H. S. Posedor in his report to Earth Centre 4083

13 – Second Solution

Receiving a garbled Time-Space distress call, the Doctor returns to Earth, in 1986 – but all is not as it should be! The Doctor and Ria find themselves in peril on a Moon base which should not exist, and in a version of November 5th 1605 which is all wrong.

12 – Blood Circuit

When the TARDIS is critically damaged during and impromptu flight through a spacio-temporal maelstrom, the Doctor and Ria are forced to crashland on the planet Llandros. Here the Doctor discovers a shattering truth: the race of biological engineers who are the Ship’s only hope of repair have suffered a massive ecological disaster which has reduced them to a state of total genetic chaos.

11 – Minuet in Hell

A crucial period for British Imperial Expansion; and for the influential members of the Hell Fire Club Bedlam is where we find The Doctor – not as a visitor – but incarcerated. Drugged and bound, the Doctor is so panic stricken that even his own identity is in question.

10 – The Trilexia Threat

Establishing orbit around the planet Greenovia the crew of the starship Shapiro discovers the formerly lush world a barren, blasted, wasteland peopled only by memories of the personnel of Outpost Colony Five.

09a – Vilgreth

An extra story on the Destructor Contract tape. The Doctor finds himself aboard a ship with only one occupant – a strange creature called Vilgreth who shares the Doctor’s passion for engineering and tea.

09 – The Destructor Contract

The TARDIS is penetrated by the jettisoned flight recorder of a recently destroyed starship. Cuthbert, President of Conglomerate, intends that the recorder’s message will never be heard – and he has an army of Temperons to do his bidding.

08 – The Mutant Phase

Analyas VII offers a world of contentment – an escape from the galaxy’s hurly-burly… Or is it the breeding ground for a hideous nightmare instigated by the implacable Daleks in their struggle against the dreaded Mutant Phase?

07 – Maenad

While Greg recovers from Sargol poisoning, the Doctor visits Cal 2, a research facility dealing with the mentally unstable.

There he is alarmed to discover that the lunatics have taken over the asylum!

06 – Shadow World

On the planet Kelfer the Doctor encounters a stranded Time Lord, Askran, who has synthesized a narcotic called Sargol. The Doctor finds himself in the employ of an evil and warped intelligence.

05 – Cloud of Fear

The Doctor and his companion Greg are trapped in a labyrinth of underground tunnels. They discover a deadly foe which lurks in the darkest recesses. Can the Doctor defeat an unseen enemy that will strike at the very heart of his resolve?

04 – Conglomerate

The Doctor and his companion Greg arrive in a deserted subway – but this isn’t Earth. The trains are without crew or passengers. A shapeless horror is waiting to induce a ghastly compulsion.

03 – Connection 13

The Doctor, Greg and Nadia arrive on Earth in the 1990s. They soon discover an alien conspiracy to fundamentally alter the planet for colonization. The key to defeating the Rigellons lies in Earth’s orbit. The connection of 13 satellites could signal doom for humanity.

02 – The Time Ravagers

A newly regenerated Doctor and his companions Greg and Nadia land on Temperos. Could it be that the legendary Time being, the Temperon is not a legend after all? Or are the Daleks up to their old tricks again?

01 – The Space Wail

The Doctor and Greg land on a death ship. It is transporting condemned prisoners across Space to their point of execution. Also on board, the enigmatic sentient computer known as BABE.

Audio Visuals

Audio Visuals were a group of fans who started making audio plays while the original series of Doctor Who was still running. The recordings were copied to cassette by the crew themselves and mailed out to people. They ran for 4 seasons from 1984-1991.

Many of the people involved went on to work at Big Finish Productions including John Ainsworth, Nigel Fairs, Gary Russell, Jim Mortimore and Nick Briggs (who played the Doctor from the second play onwards).

Some of the ideas from the Audio Visuals have also appeared in Big Finish plays, such as drudgers and the Temperons. Big Finish remade 5 of them – The Mutant Phase, Minuet in Hell, Vilgreth (as Last of the Titans), Sword of Orion and Cuddlesome. Additionally the play Frozen Time, whilst not a direct remake, was loosely based on Endurance.

Cuthbert, a recurring villain in the Audio Visuals and played by Barry Killerby, has been re-created in the 4th Doctor Adventures and played by David Warner.

Nigel Fairs went on to remake More than a Messiah as a BBV audio and video.

They can be seen, with hindsight, as the seeds from which Big Finish was sown, and where some of their major players learned their craft. Heavily experimental, they were often darker and more complex than the TV show as they were aimed at an older audience and, much like audios in general, at fans who wanted more depth in their stories. They also wrote stories to fit the audio format, unlike a lot of audios by others, including the BBC, which were more like an attempt to do TV on audio.

Thank you to Jim Mortimore for providing a link to download them all. As he worked on them this link is completely legal and you can download all of the plays freely. Enjoy.

Download the Audio Visuals



The final Short Trips book by Big Finish, this is a selection of stories from all 28 releases.

How the Doctor Changed my Life

The schoolboy whose twin brother vanished in the night. A woman whose house teems with alien refugees. The dad who dies every evening… All through space and time live people, ordinary people, whose lives have been turned upside down.


If you lost the ability to communicate, what would your life be like? Messages, and the media we use to convey them, surround us every minute of every day. Some are meant for us alone, while others are intended to reach the widest possible audience.

Defining Patterns

A new collection of short stories that investigates the causes and effects of the universe’s ebbs and flows.


What is it like when that strange blue box appears in your life? What is it like when everything changes?

Dalek Empire

Here are the Daleks in a collection of ripping yarns that draw upon the events and themes of Big Finish’s acclaimed series Dalek Empire.

Time Signature

For all that the universe may be infinite, for all he keeps moving, the Doctor can’t outrun the consequences of his actions forever.

The Centenarian

There is nothing special about Edward Grainger. Except from the day he was born, until the day he will die, he keeps meeting the Doctor.


Sometimes it’s easy to say goodbye – to a friend, to a way of life, to a lover. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking. And sometimes they just won’t take the hint.

The History of Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for the Doctor, whether he’s caught-up in the violence of ancient Rome, or popping in on the very first Christmas on the moon.

The Solar System

A collection of ten Doctor Who stories with each one taking place on a different celestial body within Earth’s solar system.

A Day in the Life

Sixteen stories whose total ‘running time’ adds up to a single twenty-four-hour period: a fictional ‘day in the life of the universe’.

Seven Deadly Sins

Between these covers, you will find seven tales of vice, exploring the dark places at the edge of the universe.

A Christmas Treasury

Christmas and Doctor Who are inextricably linked. From the moment the Daleks first appeared at yule-tide to the regular Annual under the tree.


In 2040, expansion is an article of faith The human race must expand outwards to explore new territories.


Whether made of flesh and bone, or created in the deep recesses of the mind, monsters are terrible things.


Does the Doctor always get it right? In his efforts to help is it possible that, occasionally, the Web of Time itself can be broken by his actions?

Life Science

Join the Doctor and his companions as they explore the mysteries of life, death and the Universe, and ponder the implications of what they discover.

Past Tense

Seventeen tales set on Earth featuring new adventures throughout history for the Doctor and his companions.

Steel Skies

A collection of stories based in enclosed and artificial environments: places constructed to keep the dangers outside, or their inhabitants locked in.

The Muses

Nine authors have received the inspiration of the Muses, to speak of the mysterious Time Lord known only as the Doctor.

A Universe of Terrors

Join the Doctor on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe, from alien worlds of the future, to Earth’s past history.


They didn’t always ask to travel with the Doctor. And even if they did, they didn’t know what the consequences would be.


Take a TARDIS trip through the constellations, as the Doctor travels to twelve thrilling tales inspired by the mystical zodiac.