Companion Chronicles

  • 1.1 – Frostfire (1)

    Vicki has a tale to tell. But where does it start and when does it end? A new adventure for the First Doctor as told by his companion Vicki.

  • 1.2 – Fear of the Daleks (1)

    Why has Zoe Heriot been having nightmares about the Daleks? A new adventure for the Second Doctor as told by his companion Zoe.

  • 1.3 – The Blue Tooth (2)

    The Doctor and UNIT investigate when Liz Shaw’s friend goes missing. A new adventure for the Third Doctor as told by his companion, Liz.

  • 1.4 – The Beautiful People (1)

    Romana experiences a make-over that she’ll never forget. A new adventure for the Fourth Doctor as told by his companion Romana.

  • 2.1 – Mother Russia (1)

    A new adventure with the First Doctor as told by his companion, Steven Taylor.

  • 2.2 – Helicon Prime (1)

    A new adventure with the Second Doctor as told by his companion, Jamie McCrimmon.

  • 2.3 – Old Soldiers (2)

    A new adventure with the Third Doctor as told by his friend, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

  • 2.4 – The Catalyst (1)

    A new adventure with the Fourth Doctor as told by his companion, Leela.

  • 3.01 – Here There Be Monsters (1)

    A new adventure for the First Doctor as told by his grand-daughter, Susan.

  • 3.02 – The Great Space Elevator (1)

    A new adventure for the Second Doctor as told by his companion, Victoria Waterfield.

  • 3.03 – The Doll of Death (1)

    A new adventure with the Third Doctor as told by his companion, Jo Grant. “Retrocausation! Events before their cause. Time in reverse.”

  • 3.04 – Empathy Games (2)

    A new adventure for the Fourth Doctor as told by his companion, Leela.

  • 3.05 – Home Truths (1)

    The Doctor, Steven and Sara encounter dark terrors in the home of a young couple.

  • 3.06 – The Darkening Eye (2)

    Separated from the Doctor after an accident, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa are salvaged by an ancient race of collectors known as Dar Traders. A new adventure with the Fifth Doctor as told by his companion, Nyssa.

  • 3.07 – The Transit of Venus (1)

    The year is 1770, and daring explorer Captain James Cook and his crew on the Endeavour are navigating the Pacific Ocean. Into their midst come strangers: the Doctor and Ian Chesterton, who are believed to have come from Venus. But the TARDIS is lost to them – along with both Susan and Barbara – and Ian makes an enemy of the ship’s chief scientist, Joseph Banks. A new adventure for the First Doctor as told by his companion, Ian Chesterton.

  • 3.08 – The Prisoner’s Dilemma (2)

    Two prisoners meet in a prison cell. Zara was only born yesterday but already she’s killed hundreds of people. Ace was going to kill everyone on the planet. What have they got against the people of Erratoon? A crossover with the Key 2 Time series.

  • 3.09 – Resistance (1)

    February, 1944: Separated from the TARDIS, Ben and Jamie, the Doctor and Polly find themselves with enemies on all sides. Trapped in one of the darkest times in history, Polly discovers that humanity can be just as dangerous as any threat from outer space. A new adventure for the Second Doctor as told by his companion, Polly.

  • 3.10 – The Magician’s Oath (1)

    A heatwave in July and a tube train is discovered buried in twenty inches of snow. A Saturday afternoon in Hyde Park and scores of people are instantly frozen to death where they stand while the sun beats down from the sky. Freak weather conditions in London, and the Doctor and UNIT are called in to find the cause. A new adventure for the Third Doctor as told by his friend, Mike Yates.

  • 3.11 – The Mahogany Murderers (1)

    Jago and Litefoot have defeated dangerous denizens of the dæmonic darkness together. They have stood side by side against threats to the British Empire. But when a body is found on the banks of the River Thames and Litefoot’s post mortum reveals that it is actually a highly detailed wooden mannequin, their most dangerous adventure begins… A new adventure in time and space as told by the Doctor’s friends, Henry Gordon Jago and Professor Litefoot.

  • 3.12 – The Stealers from Saiph (1)

    It’s 1929, and the TARDIS crew is holidaying in Antibes. While the Doctor practises his painting, Romana attempts to fend off the playful advances of young Tommy Creighton. As her newfound socialite existence suddenly takes a turn into danger, Romana finds that the whole planet Earth is faced with a deadly threat… A new adventure for the Fourth Doctor as told by his companion, Romana.

  • 4.01 – The Drowned World (1)

    To the Elders of a ruined world, Sara Kingdom is a ghost, a phantom that must be excised. She must prove her right to exist, and she does so with stories. One in particular could make a difference. The one about their trip to a world covered in water, where a human expedition is being wiped out. It’s a battle to survive, as the travellers face the horrors of the drowned world…

  • 4.02 – The Glorious Revolution (1)

    A visitor from beyond the stars needs to explore Jamie’s past, and discover what happened in the year 1688, when the TARDIS landed in London, and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe were welcomed into the court of King James II.

  • 4.03 – The Prisoner of Peladon (1)

    Still eager to embrace alien culture, King Peladon has welcomed refugee Ice Warriors to his world – innocent creatures that are fleeing the New Martian Republic. But, as an old friend returns to the capitol, there is murder in the refugee camps. Could the truth lie in an ancient legend?

  • 4.04 – The Pyralis Effect (1)

    Long ago, the planet Pavonis IV was saved from certain destruction by the Doctor. Now it is dead, laid waste by environmental catastrophe, but a few survivors and their precious race bank survive on the starship Myriad. Their mission: to scour the universe for the fabled dimensionally transcendental obelisk in which their saviour travels, and persuade him to save their world again.

  • 4.05 – Ringpullworld (1)

    Turlough is in trouble again: piloting a stolen ship through a pocket universe on a mission that is strictly forbidden by the Doctor. He would be going it alone, but there is unwelcome company in the form of Huxley, one of the legendary novelisors of Verbatim Six, who is narrating and recording Turlough’s life.

  • 4.06 – Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code (1)

    The Doctor and Benny are on the planet Shanquis, trying to negotiate peace with their neighbours Esoria. The Doctor should be doing well, with words instead of weapons, but the odds are against him this time. Can Benny’s investigations of the Shanquin secret language help to stop the war?

  • 4.07 – The Suffering (1)

    England 1912. A time of great social change. The Suffragette movement is lobbying for votes for women, and the skull of the so-called ‘missing link’ has been discovered in Piltdown. While Vicki falls victim to a strange influence, the Doctor and Steven investigate the fossilized remains. The Suffering has been unleashed. Can the travellers survive its rage?

  • 4.08 – The Emperor of Eternity (1)

    After colliding with a meteor in space, the TARDIS is forced to make an emergency in China around 200 BC, during the reign of the first emperor, Qin.

    When the Doctor is taken away to the imperial city, it’s up to Victoria and Jamie to save him. He is now a prisoner of Qin, who intends to extract the secret of eternal life, so that he may rule the world forever…

  • DWM 411 – The Mists of Time (1)

    This was a download exclusive offered to readers of Doctor Who Magazine Issue 411 for a limited time.

    The Mists of Time features the Third Doctor and his companion, Jo Grant. When Jo finds herself on a distant planet in the far future, she’s greeted by an archeologist, Calder, who is marooned on the deserted world. With no memory of how she arrived, Calder reminds her that they’ve met before — and she starts to recall a tale of ghosts and murders and a terrible Time Lord secret…

  • DWM 419 – Freakshow (1)

    A free download from Doctor Who Magazine.

    Aboard the TARDIS, Turlough records a testimony about a recent adventure. A trip to Buzzard Creek in the USA, where he encountered the sinister Winklemeyer, who claims to have discovered a cure for every known illness…

  • 4.09 – Shadow of the Past (1)

    There’s a secret locked up in UNIT’s Vault 75-73/Whitehall. Dr Elizabeth Shaw is the only one left who knows what that secret is. Returning to UNIT for the first time in decades, she slowly unravels the past.

  • 4.10 – The Time Vampire (1)

    Leela, in her last moments of life, recalls a long-forgotten memory: a time in the TARDIS. The Doctor is worried that K9’s increasingly bizarre behaviour might become dangerous. He decides to make a new model, little knowing that the fate of all three time travellers has long since been decided.

    As Leela recalls the chilling connection between K9’s ‘illness’, the Z-nai and the haunted sea fort in which the TARDIS lands, she prepares for her final journey: into the land of her ancestors; the Afterlife.

  • 4.11 – Night’s Black Agents (1)

    Jamie McCrimmon and his new friend the Sixth Doctor are lost on the moors of Scotland, where the legendary Kelpie roam…

    They are offered shelter by the Reverend Merodach, the minister of the parish of Lammermoor, and are welcomed to his castle. But strange forces are at work within its walls, and Merodach is not what he appears.

    Can the Doctor and Jamie prevent their powerful enemy from taking the TARDIS for himself?

  • 4.12 – Solitaire (1)

    Charlotte Pollard arrives in a toyshop, but she doesn’t know where she is – or even who she is. The mysterious owner wants to play games. He’s the Celestial Toymaker, and he has already defeated the Doctor, whose essence is hidden inside a ventriloquist’s doll…

  • 5.01 – The Guardian of the Solar System (1)

    Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom is dead, her ashes strewn on the planet Kembel. But, in an old house in Ely, Sara Kingdom lives on…

    Now joined in the house by her confidante Robert, Sara recalls her travels in the TARDIS with the Doctor – and a particular adventure when the ship appeared to land inside a giant clock, where old men are caught in its workings…

    And behind this nightmare is an old enemy: Mavic Chen, Guardian of the Solar System.

    Then and now, Sara’s past is catching up with her. The cogs have come full circle…

  • 5.02 – Echoes of Grey (1)

    Zoe Heriot has a photographic memory. Totall recall. But when it comes to the years she spent travelling in time and space, all she can remember is that she has forgotten.

  • 5.03 – Find and Replace (1)

    Christmas 2010, and Jo Grant finds herself stuck in a department store elevator with an alien creature called Huxley. Huxley is a narrator from Verbatim Six, and he is here to let Jo revisit the best time of her life – when she was the plucky companion to that eccentric Space/Time traveller known only as… Iris Wildthyme. Confronted with memories she knew nothing about, Jo agrees to a meeting with Iris inside her transdimensional bus, and together the three of them take a trip back in time. Back to the 1970s, to UNIT HQ, and a meeting with the only person who knows the whole truth.

  • 5.04 – The Invasion of E-Space (1)

    Trapped within E-Space, the Doctor, Romana and Adric are searching for a Charged Vacuum Emboitment – the gateway back to our universe. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack… Then, by pure chance, a brand new CVE rips into being. Its makers are The Farrian, a warlike race who possess the technology to break into E-Space. But they have come to invade and plunder this new territory, and the riches of the planet Ballustra are their first target.

  • 5.05 – A Town Called Fortune (1)

    Problems beset the Doctor and Evelyn Smythe as they travel by train to the Wild West town of Fortune. A young woman is investigating the murder of her father nine years earlier, and a wanted poster indicates that the Doctor is the killer!

  • 5.06 – Quinnis (1)

    Before Totter’s Yard, before Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, before the Chameleon Circuit was broken… the Doctor and Susan travelled alone.

    The planet Quinnis in the Fourth Universe appears, at first glance, to be an agreeable, exotic refuge for the two travellers. But the world is experiencing a terrible drought, and the Doctor becomes its unwilling rainmaker.

    Meanwhile, Susan makes an ally in a young girl called Meedla. But friends are not always what they appear, and the long-awaited rain isn’t necessarily good news…

  • 5.07 – Peri and the Piscon Paradox (1)

    The Doctor and Peri journey to Los Angeles 2009 to do battle with a Piscon. His name is Zarl, and he’s a fish of utmost evil.

    Zarl is going to steal all the water of Earth and sell it to the highest bidder. Or blow up the San Andreas fault. Or the planet. Or something like that. He’s a bit vague on that point.

    Fortunately, to stop him there’s help from an unexpected source: a future version of Peri. She knows Zarl’s dark secret.

    But should the future Peri be on Earth at all? Something smells fishy – and it’s not just Zarl.

  • 5.08 – The Perpetual Bond (1)

    When the TARDIS materializes in a familiar junkyard in the 1960s, the Doctor and Steven are soon embroiled in a mystery in the City of London. Who are the mysterious bowler-hatted businessmen with their deadly umbrellas? And what secret is young Oliver Harper desperately trying to conceal?

    Contracts have been signed. A deal is in place. And the Doctor discovers that perhaps not even he can stop a terrible business…

  • 5.09 – The Forbidden Time (1)

    Time Walkers have descended upon the Earth. This alien race, known as The Vist, has claimed an area of time for itself – any species entering into the immediate future will pay the most terrible forfeit.

    The human race is in a state of panic, but one woman knows the truth. Her name is Polly Wright, and she visited that future many years ago, with the Doctor, Jamie and Ben.

    She has stepped into the Forbidden Time – and this is her story…

  • 5.10 – The Sentinels of the New Dawn (1)

    Some time after leaving UNIT, Liz Shaw calls the Doctor to Cambridge University, where scientists are experimenting with time dilation. A device hurls them to the year 2014, and a meeting with Richard Beauregard, heir to the Beauregard estate.

    But there’s something rotten at the core of this family… The seeds of a political movement that believes in a new world order.

    The Sentinels of the New Dawn are stirring. And their malign influence will be felt for centuries to come…

  • 5.11 – Ferril’s Folly (1)

    The search for the fourth segment of the Key to Time brings the Doctor and Romana back to Earth in the present day.

    In a small village in Norfolk, former astronaut Lady Millicent Ferril has established an observatory, tracking a meteorite from the Cronquist System. It is a meteorite that almost killed her years before – and perhaps left her not entirely human.

    As Ferril’s power grows, so does her influence. She can control metal. And anything metal – from a suit of armour to a bicycle – is now lethal…

  • 5.12 – The Cold Equations (1)

    In the remnant of a shattered satellite, far above the ruined planet Earth, Steven Taylor and Oliver Harper are dying. As time runs out, they face their pasts… and a secret long kept is revealed.

    The borrowed time is elapsing, and they realize they are facing an enemy that cannot be defeated. The cold, hard facts of science.

  • 6.01 – Tales from the Vault (1)

    Welcome to The Vault – jokingly known as ‘The Museum of Terrors’ – a high security establishment where UNIT keeps all of its alien artifacts.

    New recruit Warrant Officer Charlie Sato is given a guided tour by Captain Ruth Matheson, and the archive reveals some dark secrets. An army jacket, a painting, crystal and a wax cylinder all hold a grave significance, and their stories are told by the Doctor’s companions: Steven Taylor, Zoe Heriot, Jo Grant and Romana…

  • Special – The Three Companions (1)

    Polly Wright has tracked down an old friend of the Doctor’s… Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, former Brigadier at UNIT. As the trade stories of their time travelling in the TARDIS, it soon becomes clear that their pasts are intertwined, and linked to a current crisis on the planet Earth. And there’s a third companion, watching them from a distance. A certain Thomas Brewster… An epic story featuring the Doctor’s former companions Polly, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Thomas Brewster in a fight to save the Earth, The Three Companions was previously released in serialized form and is available to hear in a new compilation edit for the first time.

  • 6.02 – The Rocket Men (1)

    The TARDIS has landed on Platform Five, a floating city in the sky of the planet Jobis, and for a time the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki get the chance to enjoy this idyllic place.

    And then the Rocket Men arrive, led by the sadistic Ashman.

    When the only other option to certain death is suicide, Ian Chesterton takes the gamble of his life…

  • 6.03 – The Memory Cheats (1)

    Zoe Heriot remembers everything. But she remembers nothing.

    A genius with instant recall, Zoe’s mind has been purged of her memories of travelling with the Doctor and Jamie in the TARDIS. And years later she is in deep trouble – prosecuted by the mysterious company that has evidence that she has travelled in Space and Time.

    Except Zoe knows they’re wrong.

    Aren’t they?

    But if that’s the case, why is there proof that Zoe was in Uzbekistan in 1919.

    Can the memory cheat?

  • 6.04 – The Many Deaths of Jo Grant (1)

    “I wasn’t going to let this happen. After all we’d been through, the Doctor wasn’t going to die like this, on his knees, in the mud.”

    When Jo Grant was very young, her grandmother told her that there was a time for everything. A time to laugh and a time to cry. A time to live and a time to die.

    Since meeting the Doctor, Jo has laughed till she thought she might burst. She has also shed a few tears along the way, but has lived more than she ever thought possible.

    But now, as a strange spaceship materialises over UNIT HQ and a heavily injured Doctor returns to Earth, it is Jo’s time to die. Again, and again, and again…

  • 6.05 – The First Wave (1)

    Caught in the inevitable path of its own history, the TARDIS arrives on the planetoid Grace Alone, where the Doctor, Steven and Oliver expect to face their fate. What they don’t expect to find is a massacred crew – and a race of alien invaders known as the Vardans.

    When the Doctor is apparently killed, his companions attempt to survive against the odds. But those odds are narrowing. Their borrowed time has expired.

  • 6.06 – Beyond the Ultimate Adventure (1)

    A thrilling adventure in Time and Space!

    The Doctor, Crystal and Jason have survived monsters, Madame Delilah and Mrs T, but then their former enemy Karl calls them back to the Bar Galactica. The mercenary has a cryptic message concerning Ultima Thule, where fabled treasure and a threat to the universe await…

    The journey requires entering another dimension, where old enemies – and a brand new adversary – lie in wait…

  • 6.07 – The Anachronauts (1)

    An experimental timeship smashes into the TARDIS, and the crews of both ships wake up on a desert island. Has the TARDIS been destroyed? And why doesn’t the Doctor want to escape?

    Then, Steven and Sara find themselves on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall in 1966. And their only way back to the TARDIS is to betray the Doctor.

  • 6.08 – The Selachian Gambit (1)

    The Doctor doesn’t normally need money, but when the TARDIS is immobilised and a fine has to be paid, a loan from a bank in the sky seems the solution to his problem.

    But then the Selachians arrive, and the Doctor and his companions find themselves as hostages in the middle of a heist.

    Death seems an absolute certainty. But the Doctor, Jamie, Polly and Ben have outwitted death before…

  • 6.09 – Binary (1)

    A damaged alien computer is being guarded by UNIT troops, but the soldiers simply vanish…

    Usually the Brigadier would call in the Doctor – but on this occasion the Time Lord is being kept out of the loop. Instead, it’s up to Elizabeth Shaw to oversee the project to repair this alien technology, and recover the missing men.

    And then Liz vanishes too.

    Trapped inside the machine, Liz faces a battle for survival against a lethal defence system. And this time, she must save the day without the Doctor at her side…

  • 6.10 – The Wanderer (1)

    Siberia at the end of the 19th Century, and the TARDIS arrives just as a shooting star hurtles to the ground.

    With it comes an illness that affects the Doctor and Susan, and knowledge that must not fall into the wrong hands.

    With his friends either dying or lost, Ian Chesterton must save the future and win the ultimate prize – a way home to 1963…

  • 6.11 – The Jigsaw War (1)

    A cell. Four walls, one door. Jamie McCrimmon can escape, but it means unravelling a puzzle of extraordinary complexity.

    And there are more than just two players in this game. The Doctor is there. So is his opponent Si

    As a hero turns killer, and a rebellion becomes anarchy, the lines between good and evil are blurred. And so does the distinction between cause and effect…

  • 6.12 – The Rings of Ikiria (1)

    UNIT is accustomed to dealing with visitors from space, but nothing has prepared them for Ikiria, an alien artist bearing gifts. Could Ikiria’s designs be something more than aesthetic?

    As the Brigadier turns against him, Mike Yates goes on the run. Can he save the world? Or will he just learn an important lesson in betrayal?

  • 7.01 – The Time Museum (1)

    “This is The Chesterton Exhibition. A series of breathtakingly faithful tableaux, painstakingly detailed to the nth degree. Dedicated to the life of that most extraordinary time traveller, Ian Chesterton!”

    Ian finds himself in a shrine to his own past, and on the run with a man named Pendolin.

    From Coal Hill School to Jobis Station, from Totter’s Yard to the Crusades, Ian’s history is unfolding.

    And a confrontation with a deadly enemy with a voracious appetite awaits…

  • 7.02 – The Uncertainty Principle (1)

    In the future, Zoe Heriot is a prisoner of the mysterious Company, which has evidence that she travelled through space and time with the Doctor. Zoe’s memories have been blocked by the Time Lords, but the Company is determined to break through this conditioning…

    And so Zoe recalls a journey to Earth in the past, to the funeral of a young woman called Meg, who was involved in scientific experiments that are bringing forth sinister alien creatures. Only the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe can stop them…

  • 7.03 – Project: Nirvana (1)

    The place is Easterm Europe. The year is 2015.

    The TARDIS lands in mid-air, and Captain Lysandra Aristedes is dropped into a daring mission in her own past. There are enemies and creatures out there in the night, and the Doctor is waiting at the rendezvous point.

    Because this is all part of his bigger picture. And Aristedes is going to learn something about herself…

  • 7.04 – The Last Post (1)

    People are dying. Just a few, over a period of months… but the strange thing is that each person received a letter predicting the date and time of their death.

    Throughout her time as the Doctor’s assistant, Liz Shaw has been documenting these passings.

    Her investigation ultimately uncovers a threat that could lead to the end of the world, but this time Liz has someone to help her.

    Her mother.

  • 7.05 – Return of the Rocket Men (1)

    Once before the Doctor battled the sadistic Rocket Men and once before he won. But when the dreaded pirates of the skies raid a remote frontier planet, he’s not the only member of the TARDIS crew for whom they are old enemies.

    Steven Taylor knows them well. Back in his days as a pilot, on his twenty first birthday, Steven’s ship was brought down by the malevolent Van Cleef. He barely escaped with his life. And now he’s going to have to go through that again.

    But this time round, he knows what happens. And he knows there’s no way out. Steven Taylor has to make a choice. A choice where either way… he loses.

  • 7.06 – The Child (1)

    “Tell me another story, Leela. Not the one about the walking doll or the creepy mechanical men. A new one. I want to hear a new one…”

    Leela is dead but her soul lives on. She has been reborn as a young girl, Emily, whose ‘imaginary friend’ tells her amazing tales about a great Wizard and the warrior who accompanies him on his adventures through time and space.

    Emily prepares to tell her parents the story of a cold, grey world whose people are ruled over by a Glass Angel. The Wizard is her prisoner and only the warrior girl and her three peculiar friends can save him…

  • 7.07 – The Flames of Cadiz (1)

    The TARDIS materializes in Spain in the late sixteenth century. The country is at war with England – and the travellers find themselves on the wrong side of the battle lines.

    When Ian and his new friend Esteban are captured by the Inquisition, the Doctor, Susan and Barbara plan to rescue them.

    But these are dark days in human history. And heretics face certain death…

  • DWM 448 – The Revenants (1)

    The present day: the Orkney Ferry, where Ian Chesterton meets a stranger who he is able to confide in.

    Decades earlier: the TARDIS lands on Orkney, and Ian and Barbara are abandoned when the Doctor and his ship vanish in front of their eyes. As the pair head for civilization, something is stirring in the treacherous bog lands.

    And only the ancient Wissfornjarl can protect them…

  • 7.08 – House of Cards (1)

    The TARDIS has landed in a futuristic space casino, where the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie find fun, games… and monsters everywhere. There are vicious robot dogs, snake-headed gangsters from the Sidewinder Syndicate and a mysterious masked woman called Hope.

    In this place, time travellers are to be tracked down and arrested. Yet, as events spiral out of control, time may be Polly’s only ally…

  • 7.09 – The Scorchies (1)

    The Doctor, his companion Jo Grant and the Brigadier face their strangest case yet – a Saturday night TV show that has been invaded by aliens that look like puppets!

    The Scorchies want to take over the world. They want to kill the Doctor. And they want to perform some outstanding showtunes. Though not necessarily in that order…

    With Jo caught inside The Scorchies Show, can she save the day before the planet Earth falls victim to the dark side of light entertainment?

  • 7.10 – The Library of Alexandria (1)

    The port of Alexandria, 5th Century AD.

    The Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara have taken a break from their travels, and are enjoying a few weeks in the sunshine – and the chance to appreciate the magnificent Library of Alexandria.

    Ian also takes the chance to enjoy friendship with the philosopher Hypatia – but things here will not last forever.

    The time travellers know that the library will soon be lost to history.

    What they are about to discover is the terrifying reason why…

  • 7.11 – The Apocalypse Mirror (1)

    The TARDIS lands in the city of Tromesis on Earth – but it’s a world far from the one that the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe recognize.

    The buildings are ruined, the streets deserted. And against the devastation they see a ghostly mirror image of another place – the city as it was before disaster hit.

    People vanish here, and huge metal birds attack from the sky.

    Can the Doctor find the future, in a place that doesn’t have one?

  • 7.12 – The Council of War (1)

    At the Doctor’s request, Sergeant Benton is investigating ghosts and missing people in Kettering, while undercover as a local councillor

    And that’s how he comes to meet Margery Phipps.

    An alien incursion in the town hall leads them on a journey to a terrible future – where Margery discovers how she changed a world, and the life of a whole civilisation hangs in the balance…

  • 8.01 – Mastermind (1)

    The Vault – an archive of alien artefacts securely stored deep beneath the Angel of the North.

    There’s also a prisoner in the Vault. An extraterrestrial known as the Master. He has been on Earth for some time, but now he’s under lock and key.

    This is his story.

    Or, as Captain Ruth Matheson and Warrant Officer Charlie Sato discover… perhaps it is theirs.

  • 8.02 – The Alchemists (1)

    The TARDIS lands in Berlin in the 1930s, where Hitler and his National Socialist party are in the ascendant.

    Some of the greatest scientific minds are gathering here: Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck, Schrödinger, Wigner. The people who will build the future of planet Earth.

    But the Doctor and Susan have brought something with them. Something apparently harmless, something quite common. Yet something that could threaten the course of history…

  • 8.03 – Upstairs (1)

    When the TARDIS lands in a dilapidated attic, the Doctor, Vicki and Steven discover they are on Earth, in London… in Number 10 Downing Street.

    However alien forces are at play here, affecting the very fabric of the building… and adjusting the very essence of history itself.

  • 8.04 – Ghost in the Machine (1)

    Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow
    And everywhere that Mary went, that lamb was sure to go.

    The TARDIS is empty. The Doctor has gone.

    Jo Grant steps outside into the darkness and finds the frozen body of her friend, and the ship’s log recorder. On it is attached a simple message – ‘Use Me’.

    As she explores this place, recording her every move, Jo discovers the horror that lies in the shadows.

    But by then it is too late.

  • 8.05 – The Beginning (1)

    When the First Doctor and his grand-daughter Susan escape through the cloisters of Gallifrey to an old Type 40 Time Travel capsule, little do they realize the adventures that lie ahead… And little do they know, as the TARDIS dematerializes and they leave their home world behind, there is someone else aboard the ship. He is Quadrigger Stoyn, and he is very unhappy…

  • 8.06 – The Dying Light (1)

    The TARDIS materialises on a dying world circling a dying sun, where the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are welcomed to Sanctuary – an entire monastery carved out of a mountain.

    But little here is quite what it seems.

    Quadrigger Stoyn has waited through the centuries. And it is time for the Doctor to pay for his first terrible mistake.

  • 8.07 – Luna Romana (1)

    The search for the final segment of the Key to Time takes the Doctor and the First Romana to Ancient Rome. The Time Lady is appalled when her companion prefers to watch the latest Plautus comedy rather than complete their mission, and is even less delighted to meet the playwright himself.

    But all is not what it seems, either onstage or behind the scenes…

    In the far, far future, the Second Romana is destined to have her own encounter with a legacy of Rome, but Stoyn has been waiting. And his actions will set Romana on a collision course with her own past.

    Quadrigger Stoyn wants his final revenge on the Doctor, and only Romana stands in his way.

    Both of her.

  • 8.08 – The Sleeping City (1)

    After travelling with the Doctor through time and space, Ian Chesterton is back in his own time. But the mystery of how he and Barbara Wright disappeared in the year 1963 has alerted the authorities – and both are suspected of being enemy agents in the Cold War.

    Ian protests his innocence. He has a story to tell about travelling through time and space.

    And one adventure in particular – a visit to the city of Hisk…

  • 8.09 – Starborn (1)

    On a visit to early 20th Century Earth, Vicki receives a warning – if she leaves in the TARDIS, then she will die.

    Unable to join her friends, Vicki is given an audience by a psychic called Violet, who contacts voices beyond this mortal plain.

    And one of those voices is Vicki herself, who reveals what will happen at the ship’s next landing place – and what terrible fate awaits…

  • 8.10 – The War to End All Wars (1)

    Years after he gave up travelling in the TARDIS, Steven Taylor is the deposed king of a distant world.

    From the confines of his cell, he shares his story with a young girl called Sida.

    And one story in particular – a visit to a whole world at war, which will mark Steven for life…

  • 8.11 – The Elixir of Doom (1)

    Once, Jo Grant travelled in Space and Time with the Doctor. Now, she is travelling with trans-temporal adventuress Iris Wildthyme.

    Arriving in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Jo and Iris are caught up in the glamour of Hollywood.

    Monster movies are all the rage.

    But sometimes monsters are real…

  • 8.12 – Second Chances (1)

    From time to time, everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has things from their past they’d like to undo, but nobody gets a second chance. What’s done is done and we can’t change that.

    Zoe’s mistakes have led her to imprisonment at the hands of the Company. But when news reports trigger memories of the Doctor, Jamie and an appalling threat, she begins to sense a way out. An opportunity for redemption opens up to anyone willing to take it.

    Nobody can alter what’s been done. Nobody gets a second chance.

    Or do they?

    This is the final regular Companion Chronicle.

  • The First Doctor Vol. 1 (4)

    The Sleeping Blood by Martin Day
    When the Doctor falls ill, Susan is forced to leave the safety of the TARDIS behind. Exploring a disused research centre in search of medical supplies, she becomes embroiled in the deadly plans of a terrorist holding an entire world to ransom – and the soldier sent to stop him.

    The Unwinding World by Ian Potter
    Office life is tough, the commute is a grind, nothing works quite as well as you’d like. Vicki seems to remember things being better once, before the little flat. It’s time she put some excitement back in her life. It’s just a shame the Doctor can’t help.

    The Founding Fathers by Simon Guerrier
    The TARDIS lands in Leicester Square in the summer of 1762. When the Doctor, Steven and Vicki find themselves locked out of the TARDIS, only one man can possibly help them. But the American, Benjamin Franklin, has problems of his own…

    The Locked Room by Simon Guerrier
    Steven Taylor left the Doctor and the TARDIS to become king of an alien world. But it’s now many years since he gave up the throne and went to live in a cell in the mountains, out of sight of his people. He’s not escaping his past – quite the opposite, in fact. As his granddaughter, Sida, is about to discover…

  • The Second Doctor Vol. 1 (4)

    The Mouthless Dead by John Pritchard
    The TARDIS arrives in 1920s England, the Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly finding themselves in a wintry dusk beside a railway line. The station nearby appears deserted, but there are figures watching from the shadows, all of them waiting for a dead man’s train…

    The Story of Extinction by Ian Atkins
    Civilisations rise and fall – and few planets have seen this happen more often than Amyrndaa. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria join a survey team to find out why on the planet where everything is suited to creating life, nothing lives for long…

    The Integral by David Bartlett
    When tempers fray in the TARDIS, the Doctor struggles to help Jamie and Zoe resolve their differences. Arriving at Aspen Base proves a welcome distraction; but the isolated facility is under siege. Can Jamie’s belief in right and wrong withstand the perspective changing power of the Integral?

    The Edge by Rob Nisbet
    The Edge is the galaxy’s scientific hub of experimentation, theoretical breakthroughs and invention – just the sort of place to interest the Doctor and Zoe. However, a secret lies hidden in The Edge laboratories. Jamie instinctively knows that something is wrong, and it doesn’t take long for him to be proved right….

  • The 9th Doctor Chronicles (4)

    1. The Bleeding Heart by Cavan Scott

    Galen is a place where people come to heal. The renowned ‘planet of peace’ seems the ideal venue for talks between two warring races. But when death disrupts the diplomacy, Cosmic Nine news reporter Adriana Jarsdel uncovers a different story. Luckily, someone is there to help. A battle-weary veteran from another war. The Doctor has come to Galen – but is he looking for peace, or something else entirely?

    2. The Window on the Moor by Una McCormack

    Emily and her sisters once told each other fables of warring kingdoms: wicked princes, noble dukes, and their battling armies. Now she wanders the moors of her childhood alone, remembering those tales. The TARDIS arrives amid a strange civil war, with prisons made of glass and cities stalked by terrifying beasts. As windows open between worlds, stories and storyteller meet, and Rose comes face to face with Emily Brontë.

    3. The Other Side by Scott Handcock

    Rose has invited a new friend on board the TARDIS, against the Doctor’s better judgement. But when the Time Lord tries to take his unwelcome guest home, a temporal tsunami cuts the journey short. The travellers find the source of the disturbance inside an abandoned cinema. Will Adam Mitchell help or hinder when the Doctor and Rose discover what is lurking on the other side of the screen?

    4. Retail Therapy by James Goss

    Jackie Tyler is a success. Every home should have a Glubby Glub, and Jackie is star saleswoman on the Powell Estate. At last, she’s found her calling and it’s only a matter of time before she can give Rose the life she deserves. But the Doctor isn’t impressed. Jackie Tyler isn’t just filling peoples’ houses with useless clutter. He believes she’s launching an alien invasion…

  • The First Doctor Vol. 2 (4)

    1. Fields of Terror by John Pritchard

    The TARDIS has brought the Doctor back to Revolutionary France, a place that’s always fascinated him. But this time he, along with Steven and Vicki, are drawn into a devastated land, caught between the soldiers who are burning all before them and a monstrous shape that follows in their wake.

    2. Across the Darkened City by David Bartlett

    On the planet Shade, The Chaons, an invading race of strange, amorphous creatures that ravenously absorb energy, have reduced the city there to a desolate ruin. Separated from the Doctor and Vicki, Steven has to join forces with an unexpected ally to find his way back to the TARDIS. Ahead, lies a nightmare journey through the dark – a test of endurance and trust.

    3. The Bonfires of the Vanities by Una McCormack

    When the Doctor, Polly, and Ben arrive in Lewes in the late 1950s, they’re just in time to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night. But there’s no fun on the streets tonight – the town is in the grip of fear. There are imps on the loose in Lewes, the Bonfire Boys are on the march, and nobody is safe from the fire.

    4. The Plague of Dreams by Guy Adams

    “Pray welcome, one and all, to this, a fantasy in two acts, presented, most humbly, for your pleasure. We bring you drama and magic, angels and demons, a tale of mysterious plague… of nightmares made flesh… of a war fought both in this world and those immeasurably distant. A war, in fact, fought through the mists of time itself. It will make you gasp! It will make you weep! It may even make some of you wake-up…”

  • Tenth Doctor Chronicles (4)

    Four narrated stories set in the Tenth Doctor era

    The Taste of Death by Helen Goldwyn

    The Doctor and Rose sample the high-life on resort planet MXQ1, run by the famous Bluestone brothers. It has everything: exotic beaches, luxury accommodation and extravagant dining. Something’s cooking in the kitchen, and it’s to die for…

    Backtrack by Matthew J Elliott

    When the TARDIS crashes in the vortex, Martha and the Doctor find themselves on board the time-ship The Outcome, where the host offers temporal cruises at reasonable prices.

    But time travellers must never cut corners. Dangerous forces have been unleashed, and Martha finds her medical skills put to the test as she deals with some lethal fall-out.

    Time is running out, and the clock is ticking towards disaster!

    Wild Pastures by James Goss

    Strange things are happening at the Wild Pastures Rest Home. When the Doctor calls on the Nobles to investigate, he doesn’t expect Sylvia to be the one to step up. Soon, they’re in too deep, and the Doctor and Sylvia will need all their faculties to get out alive.

    Last Chance by Guy Adams

    Trying to spare a few creatures from extinction, the Doctor bumps into an old acquaintance on the African plains – Lady Christina de Souza. They are about to find themselves on the endangered list…

  • The Second Doctor Volume 2 (4)

    1. The Curator’s Egg by Julian Richards

    Zoltan Clarkson (Eccentric Billionaire, Cybernetics Tycoon, Museum Curator) had a dream of a domestic dinosaur in every home. He bought the empty county of Dorset to work on this dream and develop cyborg dinosaur hybrids in a safe, contained environment.

    Now Clarkson lies insensate in the infirmary, his twin brother Andrew struggles to hold things together and dinosaurs walk the Earth. With the Doctor and Ben chasing monsters at sea, Polly has only a socially awkward scientist and the world’s friendliest dog to help her prevent the rise of the ultimate predators…

    2. Dumb Waiter by Rob Nisbet

    The Doctor and Victoria attend a civilised garden party. But their genial hostess, Mrs De Winter, is convinced that the garden conceals a secret; something about Carlos the head waiter who never speaks.
    The hidden truth can be glimpsed by people less accustomed to the mask of politeness and cake. People like Jamie.

    And people like Leela, the mysterious “warrior of the Seventeen”…

    3. The Iron Maid by John Pritchard

    “I saw a wheel up in the heavens – a wheel of fire and swords… And I saw a heap of armour that was waiting for a Maid to put it on. I feared that it was meant for me, but a voice said otherwise – that another Maid was coming and she would save our country from its enemies…”

    The TARDIS has arrived in France in the fourteenth century – a time of devastation and despair. In an empty church beside a crowded graveyard, Zoe meets a woman who claims to see a dreadful future waiting for the world.

    4. The Tactics of Defeat by Tony Jones

    In the rain-swept jungle of Belize, Captain Ruth Matheson and Zoe Heriot are both about to discover just what sacrifices they are prepared to make when faced with a seventeenth century threat that might just spell death for millions of innocent people.

    Does the end justify the means? Sometimes winning feels like exactly like losing…