• 1.1 – Scorpius (1)

    Mankind is fighting a long and costly war with its android creations in the Orion System. The deadlock must be broken.

  • 1.2 – Fear (1)

    The Orion War situation is worsening by the day. Now the time is right for the next phase of the Cyber plan to begin.

  • 1.3 – Conversion (1)

    The Cybermen… The great civilisation we could have been… if we’d taken another path. A purer path.

  • 1.4 – Telos (1)

    The only hope for civilisation is for androids and humans to work together but the Cybermen are preparing to release their frozen army.

  • 2.1 – Outsiders (5)

    Across the planet, the silver legions stand impassive in every city; mankind has sacrificed its freedoms for the sake of a distant conflict against its android creations, and now the price must be paid. On the streets, in the depths of space, a web of lies and deceit draws ever tighter, and the lines between human and android, between enemy and ally, are blurred. Only one choice remains – resist or surrender…

  • 2.2 – Terror (1)

    A secret war is raging. A war with no soldiers, only casualties…

    Two species – one organic, one synthetic – face the greatest challenge to their existence; the cold logic and ancient power of the Cybermen. Earth lies trapped between oppression and destruction, and the future is shrouded in darkness.

    Plans are drawn and choices are made; but the hidden truth that lurks in the shadows may be more terrible than anyone can imagine.

  • 2.3 – Machines (1)

    All war is deception.

    As the conspiracy of hate and distrust brings death in its wake, the sinister plans of the Cybermen are revealed, and events move on a collision course as the invaders prapare for the final phase of their rebirth.

    Only a handful of rebels, human and android, stand ready to confront their common enemy; but if they cannot trust themselves, the battle is already lost.

  • 2.4 – Extinction (1)

    In the war for the future, fear is the only weapon.

    The Cybermen are triumphant; nothing can stand in their way. First they will absorb mankind, and obliterate their android spawn; then they will stride the stars once more, to transform the galaxy into an empire of icy, flawless logic.

    The battle must end; only one race will emerge victorious.