• 01 – Excelis Dawns (1)

    The 5th Doctor arrives on the planet Artaris, where he and Iris Wildthyme become entangled with the search for the Holy Relic.

  • 02 – Excelis Rising (1)

    The 6th Doctor arrives on the planet Artaris many centuries after his first visit, where a seemingly familiar figure is still hunting for the Holy relic.

  • 03 – Excelis Decays (1)

    The 7th Doctor visits Artaris and finally unravels the mystery his two previous incarnations discovered, as the planet faces slaughter on a massive scale and a return to barbarism.

  • 04 – The Plague Herds of Excelis (1)

    Bernice Summerfield lands on Artaris and joins forces with Iris Wildthyme to stop the relic’s influence once and for all.