• Graceless – Series 1 (3)

    Abby and her sister Zara are not real people. They were made, created by pan-dimensional beings – the Grace – to help save space and time. The Grace gave them special powers. With just a thought they can be anywhere or when in the universe. They can affect people, see into their heads, influence their thoughts… They’re still learning what they can do.

    Now they’ve completed their mission, the Grace have left them to fend for themselves. The universe is dangerous, unpredictable. Abby is not so good-as-gold as she appears. Zara’s already destroyed a whole world. And they’ve only got each other.

    Part One: The Sphere
    “It’s great here. You can get anything!”

    The Sphere is a private satellite complex and offers every kind of entertainment. It doubles in size every week. They lash new hotels and casinos to the outer skin, pinning them in place with huge girders. Zara came here by mistake and was quickly caught up in the noise and excitement. It’s got into her head. When her sister Abby comes to the rescue, Zara insists that she can’t leave. What is the secret that Zara is carrying with her? Why is Abby so ill? And how long can she resist the Sphere getting into her head as well?

    Part Two: The Fog
    “There’s no such thing as witches.”
    Abby and Zara find themselves in the small town of Compton in October, 1912. In the local pub they meet Nan, who offers them the local beer and then has them arrested. Something is killing the town’s children, something that hides in the fog, something that prevents Abby and Zara from leaving. But Abby knows something worse is coming to the town – something that will kill them all. Can Abby and Zara prove their innocence and help solve the mystery? Or is it sometimes better not to know?

    Part Three: The End
    “The Grace don’t know everything. We have to do what’s right!”
    Abby and Zara’s past is catching up with them. A man they did wrong by has hunted them down across all of time and space, just to sell them out. The space pirate Kreekpolt knows the sisters can save his daughter’s life – even if it burns Abby and Zara completely away. After that, ten thousand dead souls – hungry and empty and furious – want whatever is left…

  • Graceless – Series 2 (0)

    Abby and her sister Zara are not real people. They were created by pan-dimensional beings to help save space and time. They’ve been blessed with special powers. They can see into people’s heads, even influence their thoughts. And, so long as they’re together, they can go anywhere or when.

    But the universe is dangerous, unpredictable. Abby and Zara have made mistakes – and many thousands have died. They know they’ve done wrong, that they have made enemies, who scour all of history to find them.

    So they keeping moving on, trying to make amends, trying to help people. And not to do any more harm…

    Part One: The Line

    “The moment we stop, the moment we let the past catch up with us… We’re done for.”
    Marek has brought Abby and Zara home to the city where he grew up. They’re wary at first – they’re meant to keep a low profile. But Marek assures them that everyone he knows here is dead.

    There’s a Rune Festival approaching, an excuse for a wild party – and it’s like there’s something in the air. Abby and Zara are soon swept up in the crowd, but Marek hasn’t told them the whole truth.

    Why has he brought them here? What can they do to help? And why is everyone so terrified of Manchu Golding?
    Part Two: The Flood

    “There goes the neighbourhood.”
    The rain hasn’t stopped in three days and the floodwaters are rising. A small group of townspeople are determined to stop their town from being dragged into the sea.

    Abby and Zara are keen to help – anything to keep themselves busy after what they’ve both just been through. Maybe, finally, they’ve found somewhere they might settle down…

    But there’s something causing the flood. And it can’t let anything stand in its way.

    Part Three: The Dark

    “When you’re together, you two can do anything.”
    Wherever Abby and Zara have ended up this time, their powers no longer work.

    It’s dark and cold and there are no stars. Frequent sand storms threaten to cut the girls to pieces. But they are not alone…

    On a planet at the end of the universe, someone they never thought they would see again has been patiently waiting.

  • Graceless – Series 3 (0)

    Part One: The Edge

    “It tore you up, everything you were…”
    There’s a hotel on a cliff overlooking the sea. All sorts of people wash up there. The retired policeman, the faded star of the music hall and a girl who doesn’t know who she is…
    Zara arrives at the hotel searching for her sister Abby – but after all they’ve been through and fought over, will she want to be found?
    But they’re not the only ones with secrets, running away from their pasts. And someone else in the hotel wants to see them all dead…

    Part Two: The Battle

    “What is it – history? What are you looking at when you study it?”
    Ninth of August, 991 AD. Abby and Zara are on the Essex coast in the rain, searching for a man they loved and lost.
    The local people are terrified of the savage pirates waiting just across the water. The bold and brave local earl is ready to wage battle to free his people from such fear.
    After all they’ve been through, Abby and Zara only want to help. But future history has already been written. They’re about to find out how much more they can still lose…

    Part Three: Consequences

    Once upon a time there were two sisters.
    They were created by beings called the Grace. Both sisters had magic powers. When they were together, they could do anything. Go anywhere and when. Reach into people’s minds, even influence their thoughts.

    They tried to be good. They tried to do what was right. But even when they tried their hardest to help people there were unintended consequences.
    They still did terrible things. So many people still died. The sisters lost people they loved. There was a man… They thought they’d lost him forever.
    There are lots of stories about the two sisters. But that story – their last story, about the day they chose to die… Those who knew what really happened are all dead.
    Except for one. A man. Living by the sea. And he promised never to tell…

  • Graceless – Series 4 (0)

    It was all over. Abby and Zara, stripped of their extraordinary powers by the beings known as the Grace, were left to see out the rest of their lives as ordinary mortals Amy and Joy.
    But nothing is ever so simple with those two. As long as they’re together, anything might befall them…

    4.1 The Bomb

    There’s a legend told in a town by the sea, about two wicked sisters who died to save the world. Now the world faces another catastrophe and there’s no one to turn to for help. Which is bad news for Joy and Amy, and their grandchildren…

    4.2 The Room

    Buried under steel and iron and concrete, and protected by high security, there’s a secret room. From here, General Onora Cormorant directs the Gloit forces as they wage war across the whole planet. But stopping the war will take much more than just getting into that room…

    4.3 The Ward

    For more than a decade, Space Dock has had an exemplary health and safety record, not least because of the wicked sisters working in its hospital, bringing the dead back to life. But what are they really doing there, and what’s it got to do with one poor nurse’s love life?

    4.4 The Dance

    In the flood and the fire,
    In the heart of the sun,
    We were lost, we were dying,
    We have only begun,
    And the rest of the song,
    Remains to be sung,
    So we’ll dance through the night,
    And the dawn never comes,
    Just the two of us.