Short Trips

  • Zodiac (1)

    Take a TARDIS trip through the constellations, as the Doctor travels to twelve thrilling tales inspired by the mystical zodiac.

  • Companions (1)

    They didn’t always ask to travel with the Doctor. And even if they did, they didn’t know what the consequences would be.

  • A Universe of Terrors (1)

    Join the Doctor on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe, from alien worlds of the future, to Earth’s past history.

  • The Muses (1)

    Nine authors have received the inspiration of the Muses, to speak of the mysterious Time Lord known only as the Doctor.

  • Steel Skies (1)

    A collection of stories based in enclosed and artificial environments: places constructed to keep the dangers outside, or their inhabitants locked in.

  • Past Tense (1)

    Seventeen tales set on Earth featuring new adventures throughout history for the Doctor and his companions.

  • Life Science (1)

    Join the Doctor and his companions as they explore the mysteries of life, death and the Universe, and ponder the implications of what they discover.

  • Repercussions (1)

    Does the Doctor always get it right? In his efforts to help is it possible that, occasionally, the Web of Time itself can be broken by his actions?

  • Monsters (1)

    Whether made of flesh and bone, or created in the deep recesses of the mind, monsters are terrible things.

  • 2040 (1)

    In 2040, expansion is an article of faith The human race must expand outwards to explore new territories.

  • A Christmas Treasury (1)

    Christmas and Doctor Who are inextricably linked. From the moment the Daleks first appeared at yule-tide to the regular Annual under the tree.

  • Seven Deadly Sins (1)

    Between these covers, you will find seven tales of vice, exploring the dark places at the edge of the universe.

  • A Day in the Life (1)

    Sixteen stories whose total ‘running time’ adds up to a single twenty-four-hour period: a fictional ‘day in the life of the universe’.

  • The Solar System (1)

    A collection of ten Doctor Who stories with each one taking place on a different celestial body within Earth’s solar system.

  • The History of Christmas (1)

    Christmas is a busy time for the Doctor, whether he’s caught-up in the violence of ancient Rome, or popping in on the very first Christmas on the moon.

  • Farewells (1)

    Sometimes it’s easy to say goodbye – to a friend, to a way of life, to a lover. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking. And sometimes they just won’t take the hint.

  • The Centenarian (1)

    There is nothing special about Edward Grainger. Except from the day he was born, until the day he will die, he keeps meeting the Doctor.

  • Time Signature (1)

    For all that the universe may be infinite, for all he keeps moving, the Doctor can’t outrun the consequences of his actions forever.

  • Dalek Empire (1)

    Here are the Daleks in a collection of ripping yarns that draw upon the events and themes of Big Finish’s acclaimed series Dalek Empire.

  • Destination Prague (1)

    The Doctor and his companions investigate the many mysteries of the fantastic city of Prague.

  • Snapshots (1)

    What is it like when that strange blue box appears in your life? What is it like when everything changes?

  • The Ghosts of Christmas (1)

    The Doctor and his companions travel to Christmas Past, Christmas Present and those Christmases Yet to Come.

  • Defining Patterns (1)

    A new collection of short stories that investigates the causes and effects of the universe’s ebbs and flows.

  • The Quality of Leadership (1)

    A new collection of stories that feature the Doctor’s encounters with dukes, despots and galactic emperors.

  • Transmissions (1)

    If you lost the ability to communicate, what would your life be like? Messages, and the media we use to convey them, surround us every minute of every day. Some are meant for us alone, while others are intended to reach the widest possible audience.

  • How the Doctor Changed my Life (1)

    The schoolboy whose twin brother vanished in the night. A woman whose house teems with alien refugees. The dad who dies every evening… All through space and time live people, ordinary people, whose lives have been turned upside down.

  • Christmas Around The World (1)

    Brand new Doctor Who short stories for Christmas.

  • Indefinable Magic (1)

    Delve into bizarre, wondrous and horrifying worlds with the Doctor and his friends.

  • Re:Collections (1)

    The final Short Trips book by Big Finish, this is a selection of stories from all 28 releases.